We are Covata!

Covata is an Australian software company that delivers innovative data-centric security solutions for sensitive and regulated information, however it’s shared and where it travels.

Covata Limited is a global technology brand, listed on the ASX, that provides data-centric security solutions for enterprise, government and citizens. Our easy to use security platform will discover and identify your sensitive information and where it resides, protect and manage your risk by sharing and storing your sensitive data securely, and implement controls to restrict when and how users access your data. Then monitor and analyse user activity.

We ensure security is never an afterthought, protecting information at a data-level from the start, and at every point of its journey. Safe and efficient sharing of data across internal and external stakeholders, devices, networks and geographic regions is enabled and encouraged. You have total control, visibility and auditability of your sensitive information.

Leadership team

  • Ted Pretty
    Ted PrettyChief Executive Officer & Managing Director
  • Derek Brown
    Derek BrownChief Commercial Officer
  • Steven Bliim
    Steven BliimJoint Company Secretary & Head of Finance
  • Woody Shea
    Woody SheaChief Technology Officer
  • Hugh Stodart
    Hugh StodartHead of Product and Engineering
  • Mike Fleck
    Mike FleckVice President, Security