Whitepapers and Product Brochures

Product Brochures

Covata Data Discovery

Locate sensitive data in Cloud and data center shared drives and collaboration portals.

Covata SafeShare

SafeShare is a secure file sharing solution that uses identity, policy and key management to protect your data wherever it travels.

CipherPoint Eclipse

The only SharePoint security and compliance solution that can control administrator access to data.

Compliance Whitepapers

GDPR Compliance and SharePoint

Learn how CipherPoint Eclipse meets GDPR requirements and your responsibilities as a Controller.

HIPAA and HITECH Compliance

The HIPAA Security Rule mandates several controls for PHI and the HITECH Act encourages the use of encryption as a means to avoid disclosing a data breach.

ITAR and EAR Compliance

Compliance with ITAR and export control regulations are seemingly counter to  Cloud adoption and other IT modernization projects.

PCI DSS Compliance

Organisations subject to PCI DSS need to secure those portions of their infrastructure that process, store, or transmit credit card information.

Personally Identifiable Information

Collaboration and file sharing platforms contain volumes of hidden PII creating unmanaged privacy compliance risk for organizations of all sizes and industries.

Security Whitepapers

Is Data the New Endpoint

This report from IDC challenges organisations to rethink how they go about securing data.

Unstructured Data Security

Most data is unstructured (files) yet over 90% of organizations don’t know what sensitive unstructured data they have, where it resides, and who can see it.

Privileged User Control

Data breaches are ultimately the result of attackers’ ability to compromise¬†administrator accounts and then use those accounts to steal data in bulk.

Procurement Data

Government procurement operations cannot guarantee the integrity and confidentiality of the process when contractors are managing the IT systems have full access to all the information.

HR Security

The adoption of collaboration platforms provides increased efficiency for Human Resources personnel but those platforms cannot meet the unique security challenges of HR business processes.