Data security and compliance for Microsoft platforms

What is CipherPoint Eclipse?

CipherPoint Eclipse is a suite of integrated data security and privacy compliance solutions for Microsoft SharePoint, file servers, and Office 365 (SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business). CipherPoint Eclipse provides transparent file and list encryption, centralised permissions management, and granular activity logging for sensitive and regulated data in Microsoft unstructured data repositories. CipherPoint Eclipse is unique in the ability to control privileged user (e.g. Farm administrators, Site Collection Administrators, Database Administrations, etc.) access to data.

How does it work?

The CipherPoint Eclipse product suite includes a centralised security server for policy administration and automated encryption key management, and agents that enforce security policies for information on file servers, SharePoint, and Office 365. The solution is totally transparent to end users and does not require deployment of software to user devices. As users upload information to a location secured by CipherPoint Eclipse that information is immediately and transparently encrypted and remains encrypted in use, in flight, and at rest. Only users authorised by the centrally controlled access policies may view unencrypted content.

Scalable and Flexible

Modular pricing to meet different security needs and budgets

Privileged User Controls

Prevent the disclosure of sensitive information to IT administrator accounts

Advanced Encryption

Transparent file and field encryption with automated key management

Granular Permissions

Role- and Attribute-Based Access Control policies

Easy Integration

APIs for integration with other systems, avoiding disruption and improving security

Audit Trail

Granular and real-time logging of all access requests

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