Uncover Sensitive and Regulated Data

The Importance of Data Discovery

Ensuring security of data and compliance with privacy regulations requires understanding what sensitive and regulated data exists and where it resides. Further, the data discovery process must be performed regularly to guarantee accurate scope of data security and privacy compliance efforts. The Covata Data Discovery solution delivers results faster and easier than any other data discovery tools in the market. Also, the Covata Data Discovery tool is purpose-built to search unstructured data repositories that are typically ignored by tools that only search databases.

How does it work?

Covata Data Discovery installs quickly and is pre-configured to find credit card numbers, patient information, and personally identifiable information (PII) used in several countries. Users can also create custom sensitive data types, a feature useful for locating intellectual property and other sensitive data types specific to your business. A single installation of the Covata Data Discovery solution is able to search for information in local and remote file shares, Microsoft SharePoint, and Office 365 without any additional software. Covata Data Discovery uses keywords, regular expressions (patterns), and post-processing (for example, the Luhn Algorithm) to identify sensitive and regulated information.

Custom and Pre-Configured Definitions

Pre-configured and fully customizable sensitive data type definitions

Common file types

Find sensitive data in Office, PDF, Text, HTML, and other common file formats

Zero Installation

No plugins or agents required to search file shares, SharePoint, and the Cloud

Get results fast

From installation to discovery in under 15 minutes!

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