Securing Personally Identifiable Information

The Importance of Securing PII

Securing Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is a critical security task. The “perfect storm” of laws regulating privacy of personal, financial, and healthcare data by numerous countries, greater frequency of data breaches, class action lawsuits, and increased use of collaboration sites as unstructured data repositories make securing PII a top priority.

PII can take many forms, including national identity numbers, drivers license numbers, personal financial information, personal health data, credit card data, and numerous other information types relating to individuals. Understanding where PII resides and preventing unauthorised disclosure of PII are steps every business needs to complete.

Finding and Securing PII with Covata

Covata solutions help businesses to find PII, encrypt it at rest, and control and audit access to it. Using Covata data security solutions, businesses can reduce the probability and impact of a PII data breach.

Features and Advantages

  • Locate PII using pre-configured and customizable definitions of PII
  • Encrypt PII at rest to meet compliance requirements with state and national laws
  • Centrally control access to PII, including the ability to control access by privileged accounts (a common target of outside attackers)
  • Provide detailed logging of all permitted and denied access requests to PII

Resources & Products

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