SharePoint Security

Improved Productivity, Increased Risk

SharePoint has been one of the most successful technologies ever released by Microsoft. Tens of thousands of businesses have deployed SharePoint for improved team collaboration, document management, and faster delivery of custom business applications. While Microsoft has an outstanding secure Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) and SharePoint is not inherently insecure, it lacks the enterprise data security capabilities required to meet privacy compliance requirements and secure information from determined attackers.

The Covata Solution for SharePoint Security

Covata provides data discovery, transparent data encryption, centralised permissions management, and activity logging for sensitive and regulated information in SharePoint. The Covata solution is unique in the ability to control SharePoint and database administrator access to information without impacting user empowerment or the user experience.

Features and Advantages

  • Data discovery to locate sensitive and regulated information in SharePoint so enterprises can identify and mitigate associated security and compliance gaps
  • Transparent encryption of SharePoint sites, Lists, Document Libraries, and forms
  • Permissions management that is integrated with the encryption to provide strong enforcement of business need to know, including the ability to ensure that sensitive data is not exposed to outside attackers that gain SharePoint administrator access.
  • Item level permissions and security based on SharePoint metadata, without breaking inheritance
  • Activity logging and reporting to track all permitted and denied requests to secured information

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