Is there scary data lurking in the shadows of your organisation?

I loved Halloween as a kid – what’s not to like about dressing up as a crazed zombie, head bandaged with fake red blood oozing out, and so much sugar that you’re bound to land up feeling ill after it all! I remember being so afraid of what lurked behind the wall as I approached the next house yelling ‘trick or treat’ to collect something for my stash.

I still love Halloween as an adult with my own kids, but it’s not the bogey man who could be lurking in the shadows that bothers me anymore, it’s the data lurking there! As a member of the cybersecurity community, perhaps I’m a little over anxious about it all – but I’m definitely not the only one that worries about where and how my personal data is being stored, and who has access to it, as well as where the sensitive information resides in my organisation, and ensuring that it’s protected too.

While businesses and government agencies of different sizes have varying numbers of files, what they have in common is that most are faced with the same challenge – they unaware of the amount and types of sensitive data that exist within the extended network and across unprotected locations and solutions.

Ensuring security of data and compliance with the increasing privacy regulations relating to data, requires an understanding about what sensitive and regulated data exists in the first place, and then where that data resides. Much like your collected stash on Halloween, where you can’t have just one, data discovery is the same. To be most effective, the process must be performed regularly (not just on the 31st of October each year) to guarantee accurate scope of data security and privacy compliance efforts.

If your organisation can quickly and easily find sensitive and regulated information, and ensure the proper assessment and management of possible data breach risks, you can better maintain trust both internally within the organisation, and externally with customers or other stakeholders.

If you’d like a real treat, contact us for a free trial to discover your sensitive data. Happy Halloween from Covata!

October 31, 2017