What if your data could talk?

Digital transformation and how to listen to your data

It is estimated that 80% of organisations are currently undertaking or planning some form of business or digital transformation, with the aim of increasing revenues, improving efficiency, managing risks and reducing costs.
While these efforts can be absolute game-changers for businesses and many of the strategies and initiatives, such as cloud migration, mobility and user empowerment, offer admirable benefits, they also have the potential to work against an organisation’s objectives. Transformation needs to be managed securely and effectively, and deal with issues such as data sprawl, where the astounding amount of data produced every day is often put somewhere beyond existing network boundaries where it might be ungoverned or unprotected.
So, what if all that data could talk and tell you, in real-time, how it should be managed and safe-guarded?
Well, there are solutions now available that facilitate this communication between you and your sensitive information. And this allows you to manage and protect your data in a way that still delivers efficiency, cost reduction and risk management. Our solutions focus on what your data can tell you:

  • “Where am I?” – data discovery tells you where your data currently resides
  • “What am I? What is my provenance?” – automated data classification tells you where a piece of data originated and what it is
  • “Who may access me, and how and when?” – access governance tells you who has access rights and allows real-time permissions management
  • “How must I be treated through deletion, encryption or archiving?” – data-centric security solutions allow you to determine treatment of data
  • “Who is using or attempting to use or move me?” – file activity monitoring enables review and audit of user activity

As organisations embrace business and digital transformation, information becomes their infrastructure. In order to manage and maintain that infrastructure, you need to have a constant inventory of your information assets – an inventory that travels with the information and ensures that it is handled according to business, security and compliance requirements. This is especially true for unstructured (file-based) data.

Cloud and mobility are here to stay, so let’s make decisions that deliver true business benefits while also addressing the risks.