When Encryption Works Better than “Panic Patching”

In confronting the constantly shifting face of cyber attacks, are you implementing a sound strategy – or pressing the panic button?

Lots of businesses opt for the latter, as manic hacking in the cloud results in panic patching: IT teams hurriedly produce a new batch of patches to counter known and/or potential security holes within their cloud-stored data. Then, they breathe a sigh of relief, confident that they’ve safeguarded the enterprise against any bad guys out there.

Until, that is, when the bad guys come up with an attack that nobody knew about. Or they got inside the door before IT could apply the patch. Or they were able to take advantage of a remote employee through an infected download. Thus, a new – and even more troubling – wave of panic sets in when everyone realizes that the company has been hit.

Don’t get us wrong. At Covata, we believe in the value of traditional lines of defense in the cloud. But if you’re relying solely upon these measures, you’re bound to suffer through an endless cycle of panic-patch-then panic again. However, when patching is paired with a strong encryption solution, companies fortify themselves with a lasting, effective strategy.

We take pride in helping our customers reach this level through our data-centric security solutions. Our encryption delivers true ownership and control over all of your data in the cloud, as well as mobile services. We protect your information wherever it goes – inside the network, beyond the domain, to mobile devices and to the cloud.

Specifically, here’s how we do it:

  • The Covata Platform encrypts and decrypts shared information at the source. This means it stays protected wherever it exists, regardless of the cloud provider.
  • We apply adaptive and persistent control measures that empower file originators to set access rules for decrypting data. These controls are persistently vigilant, but they also adapt to changing business conditions.
  • We enable file originators or authorized administrators to immediately revoke access to protected files after they’ve been shared – with no requirement to access storage locations or devices. This is especially helpful in the case of departing employees, who frequently still have access to files after they leave, creating greater potential for stolen data and/or unauthorized file distribution.
  • We establish detailed visibility so our customers know who is using encrypted data, when and how often. At the same time, we record the audit information required for regulatory compliance.
  • Companies decide where encryption keys are stored, on premise or in cloud, according to their practice. The storage provider cannot hand off the keys to a third party.

Our unique approach to encryption protects your critical information for the lifetime of the file – regardless of the quality or timeliness of your patching.

August 15, 2015