Why Use SafeShare for ITAR?

SafeShare for ITAR is a file storage system that encrypts files as they are uploaded into the system.  Documents are then automatically un-encrypted when accessed by authorized individuals.

This approach to high security data management is called ‘Data-Centric Security’ where the focus is on protecting the data itself, as the key asset, rather than depending on network security or blocking intruders at the perimeter.

Cloud Based – No IT Infrastructure Required

SafeShare for ITAR is a secure, ITAR complaint cloud-based system with files stored in a US sovereign cloud. Other than internet access, there are no requirements or dependencies on your IT infrastructure for set up or ongoing operation.

Easy to Use System for Compliant ITAR Record Keeping

SafeShare for ITAR provides a secure, structured records storage system for compliance with ITAR record keeping requirements.

Sensitive Data Is Protected

Because the files are encrypted as they are uploaded, then even if illegally accessed, a hacker would not be able to read the files.

Covata has a 24/7, U.S. based support team who are here to help with any questions or support you may need to keep your data secure.