Covata enters into a Defence and Security Blockchain Partnership

Sydney, Australia: Covata has today announced a strategic relationship with UK-based ByzGen Limited
(ByzGen), a London-based technology company and one of the first blockchain companies to focus
exclusively on the Defence and Security sector.

Jointly, the parties will focus on enabling the Defence and Security sector to be at the vanguard of
developing and adopting game-changing blockchain technology, designing and building systems to address
major data management risks.

ByzGen is actively involved in developing prototype data management systems enhanced with cutting-edge
cryptography protocols using blockchain for applications such as security vetting.

ByzGen is working with Covata to implement its technology into Covata’s existing data security platform to deliver:

  • Assured data and interaction provenance;
  • Data immutability and real-time auditability; and
  • Simplified processes and procedures and reduced operational costs

Scheduled delivery of these beta enhancements is anticipated by the end of Q2 FY19.

Both parties are also planning to provide services to defence and security agencies to address inefficient
processes and data quality and integrity issues in security vetting systems.

Covata Managing Director and CEO Ted Pretty said, “The alliance with ByzGen comes at an opportune time
as Australia hosted the Five Eyes security summit on the Gold Coast this week with representatives from
the US, UK Canada and New Zealand. There is a renewed focus amongst our partners on data security and
intelligence. This creates an opportunity for businesses in such areas as security vetting and the need for appropriately secure data sharing and collaboration platforms.

“The Government has often said it is committed to supporting local security companies, local research, and growing cyber and security talent in Australia, so it makes sense that events such as these security summits should be structured to also stimulate such discussions amongst the Five Eye partners”.

Marcus Ralphs Byzgen CEO said: “The aim of the partnership is to allow governments, across the five-eyes community, to benefit from this cutting-edge technology to enhance secure data collaboration and improve one of their most important internal security processes; digital security vetting.”

Covata noted that the Australian Government Security Vetting Agency is currently evaluating options to
build and deploy a new security vetting system to improve its capabilities and capacity.