Notifiable Data Breaches

The Covata Solution

NDB Legislation Overview

Compliance with the NDB legislation requires that organisations understand where personal information is stored, apply appropriate controls to secure that information from unauthorised access, monitor for any attempts to access personal data for malicious activity and then report data breaches, both to the authorities, and to the affected people.

The Covata solution for NDB legislation allows businesses to quickly and easily locate personal data, encrypt that information, centrally manage permissions to protect against unauthorised access, and log all permitted and denied access requests. With granular audit and history trails, data breaches can be detected for immediate notification to the authorities, and compliance with the NDB amendment to Australia’s Privacy Act. Furthermore, when properly applied, data encryption is a proven technique for reducing the harm caused by a data breach since encrypted data is useless.

Features and Advantages

Locate personal and sensitive information in data centre and cloud files

Centrally control and audit access to protected personal and financial information

Encrypt sensitive personal (including medical) and financial data no matter where it is stored to render it useless

Control administrator access to personal and financial data so attackers cannot used compromised “superuser” accounts to steal data