EU GDPR Compliance

The Covata Solution for GDPR Compliance

GDPR Overview

At the core of GDPR compliance is the need for organisations to understand where personal data is stored, apply appropriate controls to secure that information from unauthorised access, and monitor for malicious activity. As with other privacy compliance programs, file sharing and collaboration creates unique challenges that the Covata platform can address. Covata’s products allow organisations to locate personal data, encrypt that information, centrally manage permissions to protect against unauthorised access, and log all permitted and denied access requests to secured personal data.

Features and Advantages

 Control privileged IT administrator account access to data and audit/monitor all permitted and denied access requests

 Encrypt personal data no matter where it is stored or how it is used

 Granularly enforce permissions to download, view, or change data

 Locate personal data in shared drives and web portals, in both data centres and clouds