GLBA Compliance

The Covata Solution for GLBA Compliance

GLBA Overview

Financial institutions have policies mandating certain safeguards for NPI. Most organisations are mature in their ability to employ these safeguards for structured data (e.g. database) environments, but unstructured data (e.g. file sharing) environments are often unprotected. This gap in protection of NPI can result in non-compliance with GLBA. To address GLBA compliance gaps associated with unstructured data, financial institutions need to understand where non-public personal information is stored, so they may apply appropriate controls to secure that information according to their written security plans.

The Covata solution for GLBA compliance allows financial institutions to quickly and easily locate non-public personal information, encrypt that information, centrally manage permissions to protect against unauthorised access, and log all permitted and denied access requests.

Features and Advantages

 Locate non-public personal information in shared drives and web portals, in both data centres and clouds to ensure it has the correct protection applied

 Encrypt customers’ personal and financial data no matter where it is stored to apply appropriate protection in accordance with the financial institutions written information security plan

 Granular, real-time auditing and monitoring of all permitted and denied access requests to protected and sensitive customer records

 Allow IT administrators to manage customers’ private and financial information without having the ability to access the information