Intellectual Property

Confidentiality of Proprietary Information

For innovative companies, the ability to maintain the confidentiality of intellectual property (IP) and trade secrets is strategic to competitive advantages in the market. The challenge is to keep IP and trade secrets secured while also fostering the creativity that led to the development of those advantages in the first place. This is core to the challenge of securing IP – securing it while not inhibiting the abilities of those that create it.

Collaboration technologies allow engineering and design teams to work more efficiently but they do not provide adequate security features to defend against advanced threats to proprietary information. Organisations need to seriously consider and address these threats to the confidentiality of their high value intellectual property as this type of information is an appealing target for the most sophisticated attackers.

Covata Makes Data Secure and Available

The Covata platform allows customers to maintain confidentiality of their intellectual property and trade secrets without impacting the ability of authorised employees to use and share it. The Covata platform contains various modules and products that can be used in any combination to properly secure information.

Features and Advantages

 Real-time logging of user access provides the insights necessary to identify suspicious behavior

 Persistent encryption of data ensures that only authorised users can access secured information

 Controls for info access include watermarking files, or prevention of downloading unsecured info to end user devices

 Data Discovery allows customers to understand where intellectual property is stored