SafeShare FAQ

Is SafeShare for ITAR only accessible to government organizations?

No, SafeShare for ITAR can be used by commercial AND government organizations provided that you comply with the Terms of Service from both Covata and Amazon.

Can my organization deploy its own instance of SafeShare?

Absolutely, SafeShare for ITAR is a multi-tenant SaaS offering, but customers can also deploy SafeShare on their own virtual or physical machines.

Why can’t my organization use OneDrive for Business, Box, or some other cloud file sharing solution?

First, commercial cloud services re NOT compliant with ITAR, so storing Technical Data in them would break the law.  There are FedRAMP approved versions of offerings such as Office 365, but it can be difficult to gain access to them, and they still do not provide the security controls your organization needs to maintain compliance with the ITAR.

What if we encrypt the ITAR technical data before storing it in a public cloud?

The EAR now includes an export exemption if the data is secured using end-to-end encryption, but the ITAR does NOT include the exemption for encrypted data.  You can only store technical data in clouds that are compliant with the ITAR.

How is SafeShare for ITAR better than the various government clouds?

Not only is SafeShare for ITAR deployed in a FedRAMP approved cloud (AWS GovCloud), but SafeShare for ITAR also includes security controls not available in FedRAMP offerings from Amazon, Microsoft, Box, Huddle, etc.  Specifically, SafeShare for ITAR provides end-to-end encryption of all files, powerful access control features, and granular activity logging.

Can we also use SafeShare for ITAR to store dual-use (EAR controlled) data?

Yes, you can.  In fact, it’s probably easier for your users to store any and all sensitive data in the SafeShare for ITAR cloud.

Can Covata employees see my organization’s data?

Covata employees have neither visibility nor control of the files your organization stores in SafeShare for ITAR.  All files are transparently and automatically encrypted with unique encryption keys before they are transmitted to the SafeShare for ITAR cloud.  The files are transparently and automatically decrypted for authorized users.

Can my organization get back its data?

Absolutely.  It’s your data.  Covata hopes to earn your business for a very long time, but we realize that things change- maybe your organization gets acquired- and you need to switch solutions.

How do I migrate data from my servers or other Clouds to SafeShare for ITAR?

There are a variety of ways to migrate data to SafeShare for ITAR, depending on where it is currently stored.  It can be as simple as “drag and drop.”  Our team will work with your design and execute the best plan for your needs.

Can I try SafeShare for ITAR before I purchase it?

It is easy to request free trial access to SafeShare for ITAR.  You can also request a live demonstration from a product expert.

How much does it cost?

Volume pricing discounts begin with as few as 51 users. Please contact us for details as pricing varies based on deployment model (Cloud vs. on-premises) and other needs.