ITAR and Export Controls

The Covata Solution for Export Control Compliance

ITAR and Export Controls Overview

The Covata solution for ITAR and export controlled information helps customers comply with the end-to-end encryption requirements and leverage private and public Clouds for ITAR regulated business processes. Further, the advanced access control capabilities of the Covata solutions make it far easier to enforce and accredit “need to know” as compared to other solutions.

Features and Advantages

 Centralized Role- and Attribute-Based Access Controls ensure encrypted data is only decrypted for authorized users

 FIPS 140-2 validated AES-256 data encryption to meet end-to-end encryption requirements of EAR

 Locate ITAR and export controlled information to understand where ITAR and EAR compliance exposures exist

 Granular logging of all permitted and denied access requests to export controlled information