PCI DSS Compliance

The Covata PCI DSS Compliance Solution

PCI DSS Overview

Covata solutions help businesses understand where unstructured cardholder data is stored so it can be removed or secured to comply with the requirements in the PCI DSS. As it relates to securing cardholder data, Covata offers the ability to encrypt that data and manage the keys, strongly enforce business need to know, and audit all accesses in accordance with the relevant PCI DSS requirements.

Features and Advantages

 Provide detailed logging of all permitted and denied access requests to cardholder data as required in Section 10

 Encrypt cardholder data and manage encryption keys to fulfill requirements in Sections 3 and 9 of PCI DSS

 Locate cardholder data in file shares, SharePoint, and Office 365

 Enforce need to know per Section 7, and prevent system administrators from being exposed to cardholder data