Virtual Data Room

Why You Need a Secure Data Room

A virtual data room (VDR) is an online repository of information that is used for the storing and distribution of documents that are highly confidential and sensitive in nature. The data room enables the interested parties to view information relating to the business in a controlled environment where confidentiality can be preserved.

Traditionally, virtual data rooms have been used by law firms and financial organisations to facilitate the due diligence process during an M&A transaction, loan syndication, private equity or venture capital transactions. As seemingly every consumer and business process becomes digitized the needs to secure and share sensitive information is growing rapidly. What’s needed is a solution that has the ease of use and cost-effectiveness of a consumer file sharing application but also offers the data-centric security capabilities necessary to protect your most sensitive personal or business information.

Secure VDRs with Covata

Covata’s SafeShare solution can be used as a data room to granularly secure information and protect it from being accessed from unauthorised people. Unlike typical VDR solutions that just protect the perimeter of the Data Room, Covata’s solution ensures that only the right people can access it, that each document contained within the Data Room is encrypted end-to-end, and that therefore, information is rendered useless in the event of a breach – even after it’s been downloaded.

Features and Advantages

 Multi-factor authentication – protect your data room from account compromises

 Persistent encryption – protect documents from the start and at every point of the journey

 No friction – users are not required to download and install software

 Maintain control – restrict the ability to download, edit, or print information; limit the length of time that users have access